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Acura CL
2001 - 2003
Acura CL YA4 Coupe

Coupe, 2d

Acura CL
1997 - 2000
Acura CL YA1 Coupe

Coupe, 2d

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  • AL
    Al Julio 19, 2016 05:50
    I just bought a 2001 Acura CL S Type I believe. The rims are 6 spoke and 17" with 215-50-17 tires. One of the rims a was replaced and I have looked everywhere and cannot seem to even see a picture of these wheels. I believe that they are Avura factory wheels as they have a Acura center cap. Does anybody know of these wheels?
  • JO
    John Julio 19, 2016 08:19
    Hi, AI. You can check link below. They have 6 spokes wheels.
  • Mike Noviembre 10, 2014 09:40
    My name is Mike, I have a 97 Acura CL and would like to get wider rims and tires. I am using the original rims with the original 205/55/16's on the front and I recently upgraded the rears to 225/50/16 which are working fine but can't really notice the extra width without using a wider rim. I need to change the offset. They tried mounting 245/50/16's which didn't fit. I wanted 235's but didn't have in stock and not sure if would fit. I basically want widest wheels possible without problems and any rubbing.